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Gudrun Collins is a qualified International Nordic Walking Association Instructor, trained by Nordic Walking UK
in London

"Nordic walking is one of the fastest growing recreational fitness sports in the world"

- International Nordic Walking Association


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What is Nordic Walking?

Nordic walking is defined as fitness walking with specially designed poles, looking like ski poles.

  •    With the support of the poles, the upper body muscels are 
       used as well as the legs.
  •    Nordic Walking can be done by anybody, anywhere where  
       you can normally walk without using poles and throughout 
       the seasons of the year.
  •    It is highly recommended to learn Nordic Walking correctly if 
       you want to get the most out of the activity by joining courses
       that are taught by NWUK qualified Instructors.


Nordic Walking is quite unique in that it provides benefits for everybody from those with medical problems to the super fit.

Whatever age, fitness level or goal, - Nordic Walking is suitable, effective and enjoyable.

Compared to regular walking, Nordic walking involves applying force to the poles with each stride. Nordic walkers use more of their entire body (with greater intensity) and receive fitness building stimulation not as present in normal walking for the chest, lats, triceps, biceps, shoulder, abdominals, spinal and other core muscles. This extra muscle involvement leads to enhancements over ordinary walking at equal paces such as:

  • increased overall strength and endurance in the core muscles and the entire upper body
  • significant increases in heart rate at a given pace
  • great for the Lungs too
  • greater ease in climbing hills
  • burning up to 46% more calories than in plain walking
    improved balance and stability with use of the poles
  • significant un-weighting of hip, knee and ankle joints
  • effective weight bearing exercise - creates positive total body bone density-preserving stress

* Reference: Cooper Institute, Research Quarterly for Exercise and Sports, 2002

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