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Improve your athletic performance with the use of the  'Sigvaris Performance Sport Compression Sock' that offers true graduated compression (20-30mmHg).

To order your performance sport compression sock, we require the following 3 measurements when placing your order, only a perfectly fitted sock can guarantee controlled pressure.

1. Your shoe size

2. Your ankle circumference at the narrowest part above the ankle bone.

3. Your calf circumference at the widest part of the calf.

The GeeCol Wellness Ltd team of Sports injury & massage practitioners is trained in the use of compression socks and can be contacted for more detailed information and advice, please click on tab 'contact us'. 


       Colours availabe: Light Grey or Black

The SIGVARIS Performance Sport Compression Socks


What is true graduated compression and how does it work?

The SIGVARIS Performance sock gives feelings of support and comfort to the wearer, however the physiological effects and benefits of "true graduated compression" are felt much more significantly. All SIGVARIS Performance socks use the science of true graduated compression. This means that the compression is strongest at the ankle and gradually diminishes up the leg. The compression socks actually act as a layer of muscle, gently squeezing stretched vein walls. This built-in feature helps fight the force of gravity and circulate the blood back to the heart more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles that have been deprived during a workout. Perfomance Socks help muscles regenerate more efficiently, as well as help remove any lactic acid that is built up. Today's athletes understand that true graduated compression helps their performance, which is why more and more athletes worldwide are choosing the SIGVARIS Performance sock.

Performance Sock Features:

Comfort Band with Safety Reflectors:

The extra-wide comfort band ensures a perfect hold without cutting into the skin. The reflectors on the comfort band provide additional protection at night.

- Achilles Tendon Protector:

Reduces vibration on vulnerable ligaments. 

- Footbed Cushion and Toe Protector:

Protects toes and keeps feet blister free

- Stays Dry: High-tech fibers provide thermal and odor control; sock stays incredibly dry

CES Seal of Approval

All SIGVARIS Active Therapy products have been given the CES seal of approval, meaning they meet SIGVARIS' strict standards for ensuring proper fit and necessary compression levels.  

  Please contact us to order your individually tailored Sports Performance Socks at £45.00 + P&P

Tel: 0044(0)1284-705031

E-mail: geecolhealth@gmail.com

Introducing the SIGVARIS Athletic Recovery Sock

SIGVARIS, the global leader in graduated compression garments, introduces the first product of the Active Therapy collection: The Athletic Recovery Sock. The Athletic Recovery sock helps to flush out the lactic acid built up in the leg during exercise, relieving tired, aching legs and exercise-induced muscle soreness.

Athletic Recovery Sock Benefits:

  • Promotes lactic acid flush-out and relieves delayed onset muscle soreness!
  • Superior Athletic Sizing Assortment and comfort & fit with 50+ years of graduated compression expertise!
  • Patented Drirelease® and latex-free yarns with an embedded Freshguard® treatment that virtually eliminates odors!
  • True Graduated Compression from the global leader of graduated compression socks!

Not All Compression Is Created Equal

A number of sock manufacturers are claiming to offer "compression" socks for athletic use. Unfortunately, many of these "compression" socks do not have true graduated compression. Instead, they may feature a tight foot band, or vertical stripes, or a wide variety of features meant to imply foot or leg support.

SIGVARIS Socks For Competitive Athletes & Weekend Warriors

The good news is graduated compression therapy can help athletes of all levels, from top performers down to weekend warriors!  Compression therapy can be worn during and after athletic performance to improve results as well as recovery.